Here’s a good, practical look at what makes for good broker websites.  The big conclusion is that its not about the listing, it’s about the content that you present to the consumer.  Content enhances information, in this study’s terminology.

A number of months ago, 1000Watt Consulting worked together with Real Trends to compile a list of the Top Ten Real Estate Brokerage Sites in America. This bible that I have re-read and scratched countless notes across should serve as a whitepaper or blueprint for ANYONE looking to evolve with the online real estate consumer. And as someone who is currently working to develop a new site for their company, this paper has for the last 4 months served as a road map from experts in the industry to show how disconneted we have become from our clients.

As you read this paper, you’ll note a recurring trend. Knowledge and Information, (not data), are provided to the consumer freely, openly, and in such levels that you forget it’s a real estate site sometimes. By integrating real estate listings, statistics, school info., local restaurants, vendors, and more, these 10 sites provide the consumer with an experience that they won’t soon forget.

via Making Sense of the Real Estate Web-World’s Future : The You Factor.