Super fast data feedback loops fed by all kinds of all-the-time, all-the-places media has two effects: concepts, facts and inform

AP-gfk tracking poll

ation cycle faster than ever before, but over-whelming impressions can become the by-product of groupthink and either lift us up into the ether or drag us down into the mud.  Take your pick.

Look at these slids from AP-gfk’s tracking poll about consumer sentiment over the past five months or so.

All the news is pretty bleak, but consumer’s feelings about the direction the country is heading in are actually trending up a little.  We’re still all split cosmically down the middle, at an important moment of “Do I pick the glass half-full or glass half-empty approach, cause I can’t really tell which it is.”  But that’s a lot better than last October, when you’d have to go through a lot of folks to find anyone who thought things were going to get better.

I’ve been in budget meetings over the past three days, and in every meeting the trend charts just take a big dip down in October.  I laughed at one today, because the shift was so absolute and precipitous that there wasn’t much to say.  People are resilient though.  They adjust, they adapt and they start feeling better.

We’re alive, aren’t we?

AP-gfk tracking poll