Jeff Jarvis’ succint take on the Nielsen/Webvisible small business marketing survey.  He circles the opportunity in a broad way: if consumers are depending on the internet to source information, then small business marketers need to be helped with the tools to take advantage.  This is more than directory listings, Jarvis say.

We’ve developed this theme with varying success in our key markets.  I point to the listings environments we’re developing in the remodelling space with our home design and home improvement titles as one attempt to build rich content environments for marketers that will supplement their own web sites and online presence.  In the real estate space it’s been more challenging to figure out how to efficiently develop content that supplements listings.  You can begin to see some of the rich potential agents are deriving from social media applications, but consumers are still going to the web to look for listings.  This listings driven search approach has created commoditization of information in the market.