That’s a pretty stark quote.

It’s from a good article that ran on CNBC last Friday putting some color on shifts in momentum in real estate markets around the country.

Picture 16.pngOver the past month or two, there’s been a significant uptick in consumer activity around real estate. We’re seeing it in our web site traffic and lead generation on From a moribund low in January, activity has been intermittently increasing over the past couple of months. But in March we’ve seen a pretty significant boost.

The CNBC article points to Florida, the first state into the crash.

In housing markets around the country, there are signs that perhaps the bottom has been reached, and sales are beginning to come back up — with prices hopefully to follow.

To get a handle on these rebounding markets, we asked real estate search firm Trulia to tell us the cities in which they have seen the greatest rise in searches — a proxy for buyer interest — over the last year

The result: Seven of the ten cities were in Florida, a poster state for the real estate boom and bust, and five were on the Gulf Coast side of the state.

Remember, this search activity on a web site, not visits to houses, or bids, or any other kind of activity that creates a commitment to buy. But it’s a good sign, that’s for sure.

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