The challenge of rationalizing the yeoman’s work of creating a lot of good content with the fact that the economics of the Internet limit the potential for income for many talented writers creates big questions and big answers.Picture 1.png

One talented blogger with a celestial bent took on the seemingly unanswerable question of “How Writing Went from Low-Paying to No-Paying.” While her path to an immediate resolution is unclear, she sees how the movement of the stars is going to help resolve the issue.

Now what is creating this mass shift in consciousness in regards to the internet?

The internet and technology is ruled by Aquarius, and is having its first Jupiter return since it entered into everyday use back in the mid-90s. Jupiter takes about 13 years to go around the zodiac, and we are entering Chapter Two in just how the internet will function and keep going. Presently, Jupiter is conjunctiing Chiron and Neptune, making people wake up to patterns of delusional behaviour in a big way. Neptune can also bring up feelings of fear over the vague unknown, and Jupiter can be feeding this paranoia. Many sites are realising that traffic is not the gravy train it was promised to be and fearing future failure unless they can start generating some type of viable income to help them earn a living. Chiron is the cold coffee forcing content producers to realise that they can’t keep burying their heads in the sand; there will be no magical cash cow coming there way. This is universal (Aquarius) and cuts all providers, from the small to the big, the same way, and all are having the same problems. This will continue throughout 2009 to be big news, especially around May 28th when Jupiter is exactly conjunct both Neptune and Chiron, as well as July 10th and December 21st with Jupiter conjunct Neptune with Chiron nearby.

A new economic model that is viable should appear in 2011 and be fully-implemented and running by early 2012 when Neptune leaves Aquarius for good.

She’s a terrific writer and very perceptive about the nature of social media tools and the dynamic of the web.