Every part of Facebook is driving — membership, usage, engagement and speculation.

At the center is an entrepreneur who appears to be staying focus on control. Not control of the user, nor of the interface: control of the entrepreneurial energy and alignment of interests.

When you see an article like the one linked below from TechCrunch (via seekingalpha.com), and read about Zuckerberg’s intransigence around control issues, don’t think it’s a by-product of youth, inexperience or fear. It’s the by-product of vision. And it’s the right way to approach the most important things.

clipped from seekingalpha.com

Facebook is also now pitching financial projections well above what we’ve previously heard. The highest 2009 revenue number that has leaked out of Facebook is $400 million. But investors are now being told the company expects $550 million in 2009 revenue. 2008, they say, rang in at around $280 million. The previous best information on 2008 Facebook revenue was $230 million from eMarketer.

We have no information yet on whether or not Facebook is continuing to pitch for new money, or if the rumors from last weekend from VentureBeat that says they’re close to closing $150 million from existing investors in a common stock sale that would value the company at around $4.5 billion. But we have near confirmation that they recently turned down an $8 billion valuation simply because the investor wanted a board seat. That means they think they have other options.

Facebook Turns Down $8 Billion Valuation Term Sheet, Claims 2009 Revenues Will Be $550 Million 3 comments