Dan Blank, the director of content strategy at Reed Business Information, takes a moment to count up the levels of Twitter engagement at the different business-to-business brands in his company and discovers that participation is high and growing rapidly.

7BBD38F9-8B36-4F6E-8DF7-C320FA0A8E9F.jpgIn the same post, he takes a look at how Interior Design magazine used social media tools to generate blanket coverage of the NeoCon trade show in Chicago.

The post is a good, hands-on case study of how social media tools can help drive content creation.

I’m a big fan of what ID has been able to do: they are using simple tools to extend and enhance the way they are driving content into the market. The BIG thing here is that you can leverage a brand — and the proprietary expertise of the staff — across different social media platforms without a)getting swamped by Google and b)getting disintermediated by Google.

Definitely worth the read.