BigResearch’s September American Pulse poll shows that Americans, by and large, are happy.

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The older you are, the happier you are, and if you are a women you’re more likely to be happy than the man you are with.

How does this square with consumer confidence?


One story of this recession has been the precipitous drop in consumer confidence as the economy has cratered. Gallup’s tracking polls that consumers are concerned in the short-term, but consistently show that consumers feel confident in their longer-terms prospects.

The inflated economy buoyed confidence, drove consumer spending and generated the underpinnings of debt-fueled economic expansion. But it didn’t deliver much more of the things that comprise happiness. And losing the froth on the economy is depriving many more of happiness.

The New Normal then isn’t unsettling, because the fragility of the job market, but it doesn’t come at the cost of happiness for most people.