eMarketer reported on some fascinating data release by The Kelsey Group on mobile internet usage.

B00F01BB-B0C3-4406-B9D3-50E9A9ABF2B3.jpgeMarketer estimates that about 30% of cell phone users access the Internet at least once a month. Kelsey points to a large cohort who are heavy users of the web, driving the average number of monthly sessions to 20, double what it was this time last year.

A large portion of these web sessions are focused on finding local information, Kelsey’s research shows.


The trend speaks to the importance of local business mastering several new attributes of the digital footprint:

  • Incorporating geographic coordinates on digital images;
  • Optimizing inclusion in Google’s local database;
  • Improving participation (at a base listing level) in popular local directories.

The current state of these mobile apps diminishes the impact of enhanced listings and increases the importance of complete inclusion in listings engines.