Last week my colleague Todd Dubner was at The Kelsey Group Marketplaces Conference talking about our DigitalSherpa service.

You can see his summary of his comments and some of the reactions on his blog Being Present. It’s an interesting read.

After about 9 months of selling, we have about 1000 clients to our DigitalSherpa services, so we’ve been learning a lot about what works, what doesn’t and how to communicate effectively with clients. We’ve taken our lumps and have had some remarkable success stories, all part of launching a brand new business.

Todd does a good job of describing our core premise with the service in this quote:

Here was the premise of the presentation was that local media has always been about high touch service at an affordable price. We can look at NCI’s history with The Real Estate Book to see that in action. In the early days we were not just a media provider, but truly a full-service provider. Our interaction with our customer often began with taking photos of a house, included production of a 4 color advertisement and concluded with printing and targeted distribution of a magazine – an awesome value, priced today at ~$400 a page.

Now we are offering a local social media marketing tool that is designed in the same light. Our customers recognize that there is likely to be value in establishing an active presence in Facebook and Twitter and understand that having a current, active, blog-like web presence is better than an old (dusty) static web page.

You can see Todd’s entire presentation below: