Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been preparing a presentation on the role that social media professionals can take in moving forward marketing strategy within their company.  The catalyst was an invitation to speak at my old colleague Adam Japko’s Multi-Family Social Media Marketing Summit.

Crosby Street Hotel head via drmstream

Crosby Street Hotel head via drmstream

The prep work also serves as a catalyst to synthesize a lot of data points that I’ve been storing away in Pocket and Evernote for the past year.  These relate to the changing perspective of the consumer, the expanding role of media, the value of marketing and the sea change in organizational deployment.

Light stuff.

You’ll note that there’s been a big gap in posts.  That is due to disparate shifts in focus.  I’ve been spending time on long-form creative work, which discourages knocking off short pieces on blogs.  We’ve also been focused on on-boarding and supporting new clients at The McCarthy Group and Gallarus Ventures, LLC.   And, ultimately, I’ve wanted to let the information and trends that I was processing synthesize into whatever patterns they may.

In the process I’ve lost most of the readership of this blog.  That’s to be expected.  If you are still in the signal path, be warned…I think there’s a bunch of content coming up.

And as always, let me know what you think.



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