There are two big webs — the Google web and the Facebook web — and everything else orbits around them.  Content marketers — publishers and brands — are smart to double down on both, but especially Facebook.

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Here are five top reasons why to focus on Facebook:

1.  Everyone is there.

You’ve heard all about how Facebook isn’t cool anymore, the kids are leaving, and usage will drop by 80% by 2017.  (Although a Carnegie-Mellon report says everything will be just fine.)

Ignore all that.

Facebook isn’t cool because it isn’t scarce. That doesn’t mean it’s not important or relevant. It’s like the toilet tissue of the Internet. Everyone uses it. On Facebook you get people who are active and engaged in their interests.  They create, share and consume content.  That’s nirvana for marketing

Pew Research Center shared some data at the end of last year that cements the dominance of the Facebook platform.  Sixty-three percent of Facebook users are on daily, and Facebook users overlap with every other big social media platform at 80% or more duplication.

If you want to get to consumers through social media, Facebook is the place to be.

2.  Facebook wants you to be successful…yes, for a price

Here’s a remarkable quote from Facebook’s Matt Barker speaking at a local digital media conference:

“Facebook has focused on shifting its product set from a social network to a marketing platform…with a consistent structure and clear call to action.”

—Matt Barker
Head of SMB Partnerships

Facebook has re-oriented itself around toolkits: the toolkits consumers value to keep them engaged (it’s the largest photo upload site on the web); and the toolkits marketers need to engage the consumer.

The powerful thing about Facebook’s tools is how discrete they are.  You are able to promote individual pieces of content and focus on prompting conversions that you value, whether its driving web site traffic or generating likes.

Yes, I know Facebook used to let you do all that for free .  But, seriously, you didn’t expect that to last.  Credit Facebook for building a toolkit that lets you achieve your goals according to your budget.

Right now its the easiest and more transparent marketing platform on the web.  (Yes, better than Adwords.)

3.  You know who you are interacting with

The biggest challenge with digital marketing is figuring out exactly who it is that you are interacting with.

This is great for the consumer.  It’s devilish for the marketer.

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One of our big themes here at The Media Transformation is what we call “Solving the Identity Layer.”  You haven’t succeeded until you can identify the individual.  Then you’ve got the ability to deploy the full spectrum of your marketing strategy.

On Facebook, consumers’ social identity aligns with their physical identity.  Each bit of information that you acquire can layer more knowledge and more efficiency into your marketing program.

When you know who they are and what they interact with, you can tailor your content to generate the outcomes you value the most.

4. You can clearly track outcomes

Facebook wants you to have a plan and to be focused on the results.  The ad management tool provides you with fairly versatile and rich reporting tools.  It’s not the combination of Adwords and Google Analytics…and there’s a lot of good to that.

And remember, you can see exactly who you are engaged with within the Facebook platform.

That’s unparalleled.

5.  You can drive tons of traffic to your web assets

Buzzfeed has shared some fascinating data about the source of their traffic referrals over the past few months.

Facebook is rocking the house.

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We’ve seen the same thing here at The Media Transformation and our affiliated sites The McCarthy Group and Gallarus Ventures.

Facebook referrals are outstripping Google referrals.

Not to mention the added benefit of being able to figure out where those referrals are coming from.

Matthew Ingram of Gigaom wrote a thoughtful and comprehensive article about the referral trends and the benefits and potential pitfalls that we highly recommend reading.

If you’re not investing in your Facebook content program, you’re missing the most versatile and homogenous marketing platform there is.


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