The Media Transformation

Welcome to The Media Transformation.

One of the most perplexing and significant challenges in media today is where it’s going.  This blog focuses on exploring the factors that are influencing the changes in media: technology, consumers, distribution platform, economics and, most importantly, the development of the talented people who make it all possible.

The foundation comes from deciding what drives value in a media property.  And, incidentally, by deciding exactly what a media property looks like, because the media of tomorrow doesn’t look like the media of today and it definitely doesn’t look like the media of yesterday.

The way I think about Value is a big influence on how I’m approaching the subject here.

Value is generated by creating a commercial benefit from the interaction between consumers and content.

Value is realized in the marketplace, through the generation of revenue and profits, and with the investment of capital.  Ultimately, the ability to attract capital and generate a return for investors over a long period of time is the validation of the Value that a Media property can generate.

The particular aspect of this challenge that intrigues me the most is how traditional media companies — particularly in niche categories — are managing their Value equation during periods of radical transformation.  I write a lot about that here.

This blog formerly was called ViralHousingFix.  I started the blog in 2009 to write about trends in the housing market and how marketers in the real estate, rental, remodeling and home design markets generate demand among consumers for the services and products that they offer.  I changed the title and URL in July 2011 to reflect a narrowing of the focus that I was writing about.

So, welcome to my blog.  Please feel free to comment, and to offer up your thoughts about the transformation of media.