Do TV & Radio stand a chance in the advertising game?

Can TV and radio stay relevant as advertising platforms in the face of the intense relationship consumers have with their digital devices? Most forecasts believe so, but we think it's an open question after reviewing the conclusions of two different research studies...
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GrubHub IPO: Platform+Scale Drives Profit

Every time an internet company files for their IPO, we learn a little more about the underlying economics of the transforming media landscape. The themes of successful companies are consistent, particularly in the consumer space:  Platforms matter; achieving scale and...
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Engagement Matters: Candy Crush & the Future of Digital Advertising

Around the same time that the maker of breakout mobile game Candy Crush filed for its IPO, we caught up with eMarketer's new forecast for digital ad spending in the US. We were intrigued. King Digital Entertainment is a well-established game developer that created the...
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Brand Migration Starts With Conversations, Not Statements

From a distance we all look more similar than different.Up close, we all are more different than similar.If we want to stand out, we have to find ways to make people look at us more closely.We all know the techniques: dress differently, be loud, be diffident, distance...

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A Millenial to Marketers: “Don’t be weird.”

The toll at the Hudson River Bridge in New York doesn't take cash anymore. A camera takes a picture of your license plate. They send you a bill. Hold that thought. Millennials -- there are 1.8 billion of them in the world today, so they matter a lot -- are wired into...

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The art of communicating bad news is in being human

It is hard to look someone in the face and tell them that they don't have a job any more. I know.  I've had to do it more times than I've wanted.  You don't ever get used to it, even in the rare times you are convinced that the person you are firing doesn't deserve...

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Believe in Search? Then believe in Buzz

I was sitting today with a friend who runs a local non-profit in his spare time talking about a holiday toy drive he is organizing.  We were in an empty office suite that was filled with hundreds of wrapped toys destined for dozens of charities.   Every toy was going...

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One path to innovation is managing to profit

The media transformation has been progressing at such a radical rate that it's hard to remember that we are still just in its infancy.  The big themes have been set out, the framework of the transition has been outlined, but the media marketplace still lacks the...

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