Do TV & Radio stand a chance in the advertising game?

Can TV and radio stay relevant as advertising platforms in the face of the intense relationship consumers have with their digital devices? Most forecasts believe so, but we think it's an open question after reviewing the conclusions of two different research studies...
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GrubHub IPO: Platform+Scale Drives Profit

Every time an internet company files for their IPO, we learn a little more about the underlying economics of the transforming media landscape. The themes of successful companies are consistent, particularly in the consumer space:  Platforms matter; achieving scale and...
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Engagement Matters: Candy Crush & the Future of Digital Advertising

Around the same time that the maker of breakout mobile game Candy Crush filed for its IPO, we caught up with eMarketer's new forecast for digital ad spending in the US. We were intrigued. King Digital Entertainment is a well-established game developer that created the...
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Techniques to improve Twitter influence

For those readers who are trying to learn how to increase their sphere of influence on Twitter, here is a very good practical post from CopyBlogger on what kinds of Tweets get retweeted. Dan Zarrella did some original research on retweeted posts to see what got the...

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Two current-time snapshots of consumer attitudes

Two current-time snapshots on the recovery from BigResearch. First, despite the upward trends we read about in the paper, Americans are still very realistic about the economy: only a third feel confident that there is a good chance for a strong economy. That ratio is...

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Good Reads for 2009-12-10

A summary analysis of Technorati's analysis of the blogospher. (via Future Buzz) 19:49:04 Good assessment of how web metrics are changing to accomodate for engagement. (via eMedia Vitals) 19:47:22 Using economic theory to...

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Good Reads for 2009-12-09

RT @auren: Great companies develop talent. they hire under people, not over them. 18:19:34 Notes from an interactive product design session with editors and publishers that was focused, cheerful and succes 18:19:24 RT @pshibles: For #webanalytics...

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Good Reads for 2009-12-08

RT @TamiMcCarthy: Worked for me. RT @Marc_Meyer: @edwardboches thats it, the first sm client an agency should have, is themselves.. #sm37 13:16:04 RT @danielrmccarthy: #P: Why activating News Corp.'s content teams on social media is Murdoch's only hope...

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Aggregation, Media & Money

What do you do when the costs of creating, delivering and consumer content are wholly disaggregated? Is the system rational enough to transfer the economic benefits from the consumer to the creator? Or do all of the participants in the chain need to work together to...

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The mobile web presents a new challenge for local marketers

eMarketer reported on some fascinating data release by The Kelsey Group on mobile internet usage. eMarketer estimates that about 30% of cell phone users access the Internet at least once a month. Kelsey points to a large cohort who are heavy users of the web, driving...

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