Do TV & Radio stand a chance in the advertising game?

Can TV and radio stay relevant as advertising platforms in the face of the intense relationship consumers have with their digital devices? Most forecasts believe so, but we think it's an open question after reviewing the conclusions of two different research studies...
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GrubHub IPO: Platform+Scale Drives Profit

Every time an internet company files for their IPO, we learn a little more about the underlying economics of the transforming media landscape. The themes of successful companies are consistent, particularly in the consumer space:  Platforms matter; achieving scale and...
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Engagement Matters: Candy Crush & the Future of Digital Advertising

Around the same time that the maker of breakout mobile game Candy Crush filed for its IPO, we caught up with eMarketer's new forecast for digital ad spending in the US. We were intrigued. King Digital Entertainment is a well-established game developer that created the...
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Calendar Note: Speaking at the Niche Digital Conference

A calendar note for anyone who'll be in Minneapolis September 21: I've been invited to deliver the luncheon keynote at the Niche Digital Conference sponsored by Carl Landau. I've know Carl since the early 1980's when he had started up Computer Language Magazine. He's...

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Tidbits on ReachLocal

ReachLocal, which positions itself as a small business online advertising consultant, recently surfaced on the Inc. 500 as the 39th fastest growing private company in the U.S. Peter Krasilovsky of The Kelsey Group used the occasion to take a look at the young...

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First half pacing of home sales was strong, with caveats

Most of the data about the real estate market focuses on how sales are trending versus prior year, or the change versus the prior month. An interesting way to assess the market is to look at how home sales have grown during the course of the year. As I've observed...

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Shadow inventory of a different kind

Type the words "Shadow inventory" into Google and you'll get a scroll of results referencing the number of homes in the United States that are being held off the market for an assortment of readings. This shadow inventory, experts say, is a drag on the performance of...

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Fast, fact-based & compelling: The Social Media case

Here's a compelling and fast case for the sustained impact of Social Media.  The question isn't so much "Fad or Not," as it is "What's the Impact."  I've written before about the post-digital quality of social media , and this video shows how pervasive the solutions...

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If a market lacks friction, there’s no money to be made

Here's a really interesting post on the impact of markets that are too transparent and frictionless. The opportunities for intermediaries -- read media companies -- become more limited when there less opacity. Perfect information mean minimal profits, in this theory....

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The potent message of the Education divide in employment

The employment news on Friday was heartening and assorted media outlets are heralding the beginning of the end for the recession. The New York Times on its front cover this morning made the first stab at a hagiography of the Great Recession, lauding the Washington...

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What creatives can do that search optimizers can’t

Sometimes all the focus on optimization, leads, activity, ROI and everything else that drives the economics of marketing makes us lose sight of the things that clever advertising can do.  Like stop us, get our attention and, sometimes, make us laugh. Enjoy....

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The newspaper conundrum

A bit of research from Nielsen for the National Newspaper Association made the rounds online today. The headlines were pretty compelling: Newspapers are a big-time consumer destination on the web. The results of Nielsen's work are very impressive. In June, newspaper...

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