Do TV & Radio stand a chance in the advertising game?

Can TV and radio stay relevant as advertising platforms in the face of the intense relationship consumers have with their digital devices? Most forecasts believe so, but we think it's an open question after reviewing the conclusions of two different research studies...
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GrubHub IPO: Platform+Scale Drives Profit

Every time an internet company files for their IPO, we learn a little more about the underlying economics of the transforming media landscape. The themes of successful companies are consistent, particularly in the consumer space:  Platforms matter; achieving scale and...
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Engagement Matters: Candy Crush & the Future of Digital Advertising

Around the same time that the maker of breakout mobile game Candy Crush filed for its IPO, we caught up with eMarketer's new forecast for digital ad spending in the US. We were intrigued. King Digital Entertainment is a well-established game developer that created the...
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Some highlights from’s earnings call is the 10,000 pound gorilla in the real estate internet market, and the long-time player has been making a number of changes under the leadership of new CEO Steve Berkowitz. The company's quarterly earnings call is a good opportunity to check in with the...

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Three charts on the consumer and the economy

The economic news has been optimistic over the past week or so.  The Fed Gray Book sees economic activity picking up, and many experts project that the economy will begin to grow slightly over the second half of the year. The housing market appears to have bottomed,...

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Groupthink summer reading

We're heading into that part of summer where family vacations gang up and the quick pace of Fall is coming into focus. I head into the summer with one or two books that I want to read at a slow pace, in order to gain some perspective on one topic or another. This...

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Social networks equal social behavior: Item 2

Last week I posted some research that helped support an observation I've made in several different ways: When you want to know what people are doing on social networks, look at what they do in their analog lives. The point is that we are rapidly moving into a...

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What I write about and why

A good blog has a central focus that allows it to advance a conversation, both within the confines of the blog and the broader scope of the topic, and that gives its readers a predictable and satisfying experience. As the audience for this blog has grown, I've been...

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Mauldin prognosis: Muddling through

Pictures of what a recovery looks like are beginning to emerge in commentary about recent economic results and the mid-term outlook. The development is natural: once the bottom gets called, attention turns to how a recovery will develop. It's a mystifying and...

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The arithmetic of bouncing off the bottom

Princeton professor Alan Blinder made a very clear, cogent argument in the Wall Street Journal today that the second of 2009 could outstrip expectations, a by-product of the economy bottoming out in the second quarter.The catch: While GDP is likely to grow, the...

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