Do TV & Radio stand a chance in the advertising game?

Can TV and radio stay relevant as advertising platforms in the face of the intense relationship consumers have with their digital devices? Most forecasts believe so, but we think it's an open question after reviewing the conclusions of two different research studies...
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GrubHub IPO: Platform+Scale Drives Profit

Every time an internet company files for their IPO, we learn a little more about the underlying economics of the transforming media landscape. The themes of successful companies are consistent, particularly in the consumer space:  Platforms matter; achieving scale and...
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Engagement Matters: Candy Crush & the Future of Digital Advertising

Around the same time that the maker of breakout mobile game Candy Crush filed for its IPO, we caught up with eMarketer's new forecast for digital ad spending in the US. We were intrigued. King Digital Entertainment is a well-established game developer that created the...
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Approaching Local with a high-touch, high-service mentality

Last week my colleague Todd Dubner was at The Kelsey Group Marketplaces Conference talking about our DigitalSherpa service. You can see his summary of his comments and some of the reactions on his blog Being Present. It's an interesting read. After about 9 months of...

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The three rules of effective real estate marketing

Real estate agents and brokers are faced with more choices -- and more contradictory claims -- than ever in how they distribute listings, connect with consumers and promote their brand. Real estate marketing used to be a pretty straightforward activity; now, it can...

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Four quick thoughts after a week at the beach

I'm back from my week in the Bahama's, which was relaxing and busy all at once. I posted some pictures early last week, and to get a feel for the experience you should read Tami's post on her blog. One of the big breaks was from producing content: between this blog...

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A week with brands dialed down (& some photos)

We're two-thirds of the way through a week of vacation at the Bahama Beach Club in Treasure Cay in the Abacos Islands. We've had a relaxing week with minimal distraction, changeable weather and a lot of beach time. This hasn't been a media-free experience: our condo...

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